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Ikea in China: An Experience

Ikea in China – Where the notion of ‘try before you buy’ is taken almost too literally.


China. Welcome to a land where old ladies will elbow you in the groin as they rush to get a seat on the metro, and the concept of first come first served seems to be unheard of. Within this aforementioned distant land, somewhere that would generously give you samples of its products will be severely taken advantage of…

Enter IKEA.

For those who haven’t been to IKEA, it is a huge shop that originated in Sweden that sells furniture, meatballs and pretty much anything in-between. It uses samples of its furniture in nice displays that represent the room that you would find that furniture in. For example a bookcase in a living room, or a bed in a bedroom. You get the idea.

For you or I, I imagine we could get a good feel for how comfy a sofa or a bed is by the general look and feel of it.

IKEA in China is a whole different kettle of fish…

As you can see below


Bouncing on the bed.

I am sure you can appreciate that you don’t want to buy an expensive bed just to find out that it is not up to the test of time. What better stress test than to get your child to repeatedly bounce up and down on it?



That’s just a kid being a kid you say? Well, this next one was explicitly told by her father to get back onto the bed after she grew tired and tried to get off.


kid jumping on the bed in Ikea in China


Taking a little rest

IKEA in China is a big place, lots of walking, and everyone knows shopping is exhausting! No one would blame you if you wanted to take a seat and rest for a little while

Taking a nap in IKEA in China


But there’s taking a rest, and there’s taking a rest.

taking a rest in IKEA in China


…And then there is taking the piss…

Snoozing in IkEA in China

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  1. Jason

    Nice post. I’ve read before that on a hot summer day, some people congregate to Ikea for the free air conditioning and furniture. What’s not to like?


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