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What happens when you get a medical check in China?

One of the most potentially scary parts of getting a Chinese work visa is the medical check. Hospitals aren’t usually the most welcoming place, and then add to that the fact you might not speak the language? Uh oh…

But don’t worry, if I can do it then you certainly can. Here’s my handy to guide to what happens when you get a medical check in China:



Step 1 – Find the Medical Center.


You can’t just take the visa medical check in any old hospital, there is usually a dedicated location that can issue the medical check. Your university, school or employer should be able to help you find it. The centers are usually only open in the morning are probably going to have to go quite early!

Note: Do not have breakfast before taking the test. You are required not to eat or drink before any of the medical examinations.


Step 2 – Get your Paper Work


waiting for the medical check for the Chinese visa


You will need to get a ticket and wait your turn until you are called up to begin the process.

Things you will need:

  • Address of the place you will be work
  • Your passport
  • 3 or more passport-sized photos of yourself
  • 429RMB to pay the fee (at time of writing)

You should get a checklist sheet of paper and an invoice to send to your employer.

Now you are ready to get examined and to see if your body is up to the Chinese government’s standards!

Step 3 – Take a Blood and Urine Sample


taking a blood and urine sample at the medical china check


If you are scared of needles this will be the worst bit for you!

The attendant nurse will insert a needle into your arm take a small sample of your blood, it doesn’t really hurt. After you have put some cotton wool on your arm to stop the blood flow, you will be given a test tube to fill up with urine.

You will be relieved to know that I didn’t take a photo of this stage of the process, but essentially you go into the toilet pee into a small cup then pour it into the test tube. You then hand the warm test tube to the urine collection point for them to do, well… whatever they need to do with that.


Step 4 – Follow the rest of the checklist

waiting for the Chinese visa medical check list


Next, you will need to stop off in every office in the center and get your sheet signed off.

Radiology – Get your chest scanned by an x-ray

ECT – They put some strange suckers on my chest and clamps on my hands, I assumed this was measuring my heart rate but I could be wrong!

Surgery Information – Answer a few questions about previous surgeries or diseases (if any)

Eyesight – How are your eyes? Take a simple eyesight test and colour blindness check

Ultrasound – Ultrasound check for you internal organs. Warning, you will need a paper towel to wipe off the liquid they use after the examination

General health – The nurse will check your height, weight, and pulse


Step 5 – Hand in your sheet and wait


Chinese visa Medical check list


Now that you have everything signed off you can hand your sheet back into reception. If you live in another city to the medical centre you can get them to post it to you.

If not, then you can return and pick up your results in 2-3 days.


Not so scary, right?

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