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Date archives January 2016

Japan / Videos



This is a short video I created to summarise my trip to Japan. It includes footage from the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, and Hiroshima.


The Shinkansen is Japan’s high-speed train run by JR (Japan railway company). Its network services many of the main cities and tourist destinations around Japan – as you can see from the video.

If you buy a Shinkansen ticket it makes it incredibly easy to get around Japan and, although it is not cheap, it can save you a lot of money on travel if you are planning on going to a variety of different places. This video is an homage to Japan’s great Shinkansen!


You can only buy shinkansen tickets from outside Japan so make sure to pay attention to this when you are planning your trip!


If you have questions about whereabouts any of the things you see in this video are in Japan I will gladly answer by email or in the comment section below!