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10 Interesting Fragrances From A Smell Library In China

A Smell Library – a shop selling a collection of fragrances to make your home smell pleasant and welcoming. Well, it is supposed to be. I think China missed the memo on this one…



Chinese smell library

Brown. Of all the colours this is the one I think I would least like to smell. Yellow suggests spring flowers, green is freshly cut grass. Brown?

I didn’t dare open the bottle.





Contumacya stubborn refusal to obey or comply with authority, especially disobedience to a court order or summons.

Umm yeah… It smelt exactly like that.

New Zealand

Chinese smell library

Ahh, the refreshing smell of New Zealand.

New Zealand – a volcanic set of islands that is known for its geothermal hotspots stinking of sulphur and rotten eggs. I thnk I would like my house to smell of this, please!

Well, at least this one smelt much better than Japan, which smelt suspiciously like raw fish.



Chinese smell library - tears

I don’t know about you but I can’t truly relax unless I can smell fresh tears.

Recommended by headteachers and dictators worldwide.


Outer Space

outer space - chinese smell library

Ahh yes, the familiar smell of outer space. I’m pretty sure the few people who have actually been there were wearing a helmet so I’m not sure how anyone can verify this smell.

I’m glad there is an unexplained picture of an ambulance on the bottle, at least that’s reassuring.


Bloody Orange

bloody orange - chinese smell library

I like to think that the scientist masterminds behind this one had one whiff and unanimously agreed that it smelt of a citrus fruit soaked in blood.

Or perhaps a smell technician was asked one too many times what this fragrance reminded him of…


Hasty Love

chinese smell library - hasty love

This one smelt like they just mixed the Regret, Tears, and Cheap Alcohol sample bottles into one and called it something else.


My Angle

chinese smell library - my angle

Finding it hard to get people to see your point of view? Just two sprays of this one and it will be much easier to get people to agree with you.




chinese smell library - cannabis

For when you want to give the impression that you are roommates with a drug dealer but without all the hard work of putting out the craigslist advert.



dirt - chinese smell library

If you are using this fragrance to make your house smell better then I honestly dread to think of the state of the hole you call your home.


This posted was originally posted on BuzzFeed by Chris Berry


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