With a Backpack

With a Backpack

Hey, I’m Chris. 

No, I haven’t been bitten by the ‘Wanderlust bug’ or caught an incurable case of wanderlust-itis. I just think travel is kinda fun.

 I love travel… I’m just not in love with travel.

Also I sadly haven’t created the next Uber of the Snapchat industry and now living off my passive income funnels. So I’m sorry I can’t provide my simple 2 step guide for you to live your dreams.

With a Backpack is just a travel/life blog with a focus on teaching English abroad.
If that isn’t interesting enough its not too late to turn back!

Are you looking for an adventure? Want to learn a skill that can help land you a job in multiple different countries around the world? Do you like helping people whilst saving money at the same time?

Teaching English Abroad could be for you.

Click that red button below to check out the resources on finding jobs, teaching tips, teacher interviews and more!

Living in China

Chinese Apartment block in China

Expat Life

Living in China is probably a little different to your life back home. Here are some tips and advice to help you adjust to life in the Middle Kingdom.

With a backpack at the terracotta soldiers

Travel in China

China is a fantastic place to travel to and around. Cheap transport beautiful landscapes. Check out this section for travel tips

Love small cock - Chinese restaurant mistake

WTF China?

Sometimes there are just no words...

VPN in China

Which is the best VPN for China?

Wondering what a VPN is? Or whether you need one before you come to China? This section is for you

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